Georgina Fay, Rebecca Snow and Lucy Warren – England

Georgina Fay studied at the University of Edinburgh, University of Creative Arts, Surrey and the Institute of Education, London completing her MA in Gallery and Museum Education.

Her own art practice is both installation and print based, it researches the theme of ‘Loss of Imagination’, ‘Finding Home’ and ‘Mapping our world’ and particularly explores this in relation to den and shelter building. She continues her printmaking practice at the Working Men’s College, Camden and has exhibited her den based installations in her degree show and various festivals around the UK.  

She runs participatory workshops and activities responding to her practice with various participants as part of the October Gallery Education Programme in and around central London.


Lucy is an artist, musician and creative facilitator who lives and works in London.

Lucy’s practice focuses on place, with a particular interest in exploring how sound can offer an alternative way of understanding our environments. Works combine field recording, composed sound, installation and sculpture to reflect environments, individual and collective social histories, and people’s relationship with particular places. Works are often developed through dialogue and exchange with local communities, and Lucy particularly relishes opportunities that enable her to spend time in rural communities in order to make new work in response to the environment.

As a creative facilitator Lucy delivers and manages participatory projects and workshops with children, young people, and elders in a variety of contexts and settings.  Amongst others this currently includes with Resonate Arts – a programme of arts projects and interventions with people living with dementia, and with the October Gallery – collaborating with artists Georgie Fay and Becky Snow on projects with local schools.


Rebecca Snow is a BCU Fine Art graduate and a Goldsmiths University of London (MA Participatory and Community Arts) postgraduate. She lives and works in London as is currently developing a visual arts participatory art practice.

Her freelance arts education work currently includes working with children of all ages, young people and families; she works with schools, galleries and hospitals to widen participation in the arts and enable access within the arts.

‘The world must be regained everyday, in repetition, regained as gone.’ Stanley Cowell

Trace. Repetition. Process.

The work she makes responds to the everyday. The things she sees, the things she uses, the things she does. These things, in their action, are transient; a trace. It is the routine, the repetition, of these actions that makes them seem permanent.

Often her work is inspired by temporality. And time; the idea that everything to time is temporary fascinates me. She uses organic materials and processes to allow work to be instinctive in itself and form. Generally, this is countered by meticulous working, placing or installing by myself; however, the final time limited nature of the work that truly controls it; as the temporary cannot last.